Purity Ring

Purity Ring

Humble beginnings aside — a rough version of "Ungirthed" that went viral — Purity Ring have always made future-shocked pop music, songs that strike a perfect balance between left-field listeners and the mainstream. A sign of the times, really. Or, as the duo's beat conductor (Corin Roddick) put it in a recent Stereogum interview, "You see producers now who are working on all types of records, from No. 1 Billboard records to weirder underground stuff. People seem to be all over the map." In Purity Ring's case, that meant working with everyone from Danny Brown (the solemn hip-hop single "25 Bucks") to Jon Hopkins (a rebooted version of "Breathe This Air") in the afterglow of the group's breakthrough album Shrines. And now there's its follow-up, Another Eternity, the point where the pair's hi-def hooks become as crisp as the chart-toppers they've long idolized. Whether this means they'll land a Top 40 hit remains to be seen; either way, the rubber-soled rhythms of "Bodyache," lush synth lines of "Push Pull," and shuffleboard breaks of "Begin Again" set their sights on the sun and never look back.

Full track list:
Purity Ring - "Ungirthed" | Purity Ring - "Bodyache" | Purity Ring - "begin again" | Purity Ring - "push pull" | DANNY BROWN - "25 BUCKS" FEAT. PURITY RING | Purity Ring - "Belispeak II" feat Danny Brown | Jon Hopkins - "Breathe This Air" feat. Purity Ring | Purity Ring - "Amenamy" (Jon Hopkins Remix) | Lady Gaga - "Applause" - Purity Ring | Purity Ring - "Grammy" | Purity Ring - "Lofticries" | Purity Ring - "Fineshrine"

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