Songs for Shredders

The Sound of Shredding

At the dawn of skateboarding — back when ingenious whack jobs slapped roller-skate wheels to the bottom of wooden boxes — music was, most likely, not a top priority. By the mid-’60s, all that changed, as “sidewalk surfing” became a national phenomenon and quickly carved out a soundtrack all its own. From the asphalt rats of Dogtown to the richly rewarded athletes of X Games, shredders worldwide have performed their greatest Smith Grinds, McTwists, Frontsides, Backsides, Ollies, and Nollies to the sounds of a different breed of shredder. OK, enough with the history lesson. It’s time to hit play and hold on for dear life: Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, and more are about to unleash the three-minute mothers that turned skaters into modern-day superheroes.

Full track list:
The Stooges - "Search And Destroy" | Black Flag - "Rise Above" | Suicidal Tendencies - "War Inside My Head" | The Clash - "Janie Jones" | Black Sabbath - "Symptom Of The Universe" | Metallica - "Damage, Inc." | Bad Brains - "Against" | Rage Against The Machine - "Bombtrack" | Circle Jerks - "Wild In The Streets" | NOFX - " Separation of Church and Skate" | Bad Religion - "You" | New Order - "Age Of Consent" | Death Grips - "Spread Eagle Cross the Block" | The Notorious B.I.G. - "Let's Get It On (Dirty Harry Blend)" | Dinosaur Jr - "Kracked" | Killer Mike - "R.A.P. Music" | Gang Starr - "Step in the Arena" | The Bronx - "Young Bloods" | Future Islands - " Balance" | Raekwon - "Guillotine (Swordz)" | Rancid - "Out of Control" | Anti-Flag - "We Want To Be Free" | Sub Society - "A Whole Lot Less" | Judas Priest - "Riding On The Wind" | FIDLAR - "Cheap Beer"

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