Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Daft Punk Essentials

Daft Punk released its first album in 1997 and since then has become a worldwide electronic, robot sensation. Recently, the duo's music has been met with collaborations with The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, Panda Bear and Julian Casablancas, to name a few artists.

The French duo has many acclaimed releases and Grammy Awards under their belts, and is perhaps best known for its unconventional approach to stardom, a system the two don't believe in or partake in.

Instead, the two rarely grant interviews or make public appearances, and when they do, they don robotic apparel you can also see when they perform live. During their Grammy acceptance for Random Access Memories, other collaborators on the albums gave their thanks "from the robots."

Daft Punk's sound is known for its repetitive nature, especially in songs such as "Around the World," and the music came to light during a transformative period in French electronic pop. Now, the musicians are known around the world (pun intended) for their recent songs and inventive and unexpected collaborations.

Check out some Daft Punk essentials below and hear the evolution of the band as well as the roots of electro-pop.

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