QTY Returns With 'Dress/Undress'

New York indie rockers QTY, comrpised of Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz, have returned after a shockingingly nostaglic two-single debut late last year with a new song called "Dress/Undress." The track follows "Rodeo" and "World Breaker" and all will combine for a 7-inch release set for April 28. 

"Dress/Undress" brings elements of street-smart gritty rock that took the industry by storm through bands like The Velvet Underground and The Strokes. The song was the first recorded for the label under QTY and it was the only one not to have been entirely wrttien inside of the duo's apartment. 

Speaking about the latest track to Dorkthe duo explains how it explores the mundane routine with hints of anxiety that follow daily life. "The title is used as a metaphor for what comes between dressing in the morning and undressing at night, two bookends in the daily routine, like lying away in bed going over all that self-doubt, knowing it's all trivial and you'll start again in the morning," QTY explains. 

QTY is set to release a full-length album some time this year. 

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