Michael Angelakos Is Launching Musician Advocacy Company

Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos is launching an advocacy company called The Wishart Group to provide fellow artists with legal, educational and health services. According to Mashable, The Wishart Group has raised $250 million in funding from "big names in the music and tech industries." The project's main focus is said to be on a mental health program, which is unsurprising considering Angelakos' open and honest conversations about his battle with bipolar disorder and depression.

To go along with the news, Passion Pit also released a song called "Inner Dialogue." The track, featured front and center on The Wishart Group's Youtube page, shells out quintessential Passion Pit moments of feel-good synth that somehow manage to still take listeners by surprise. 

The Passion Pit frontman hasn't released an official statement regarding the company, but he did respond to Mashable's article with a simple hashtag:

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