K-Pop for Dummies: Songs That Will Make You a Believer

While we've certainly all heard of K-Pop, it's likely that most of us haven't actually heard K-Pop (not counting "Gangnam Style," of course).

The genre is intensely popular and intensely...intense. With record labels signing artists for "trainee periods" and rigorously training them in singing and dancing, the formulaic and catchy genre could be called ultra pop 2.0. Many K-Pop artists collaborate with U.S. musicians as well, and the popularity of the genre has extended globally thanks to the Internet.

While many fans certainly view K-Pop in a limited lens of pop similar to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" and "Friday" by Rebecca Black, the stereotypes are as off-base as stereotypes about pop in general. Blending many different genres, including country, R&B and electronic styles, K-Pop is versatile and diverse.

Again, most of us have heard of it without actually hearing the music itself. Here is a K-Pop playlist for anybody looking to explore the ever-popular genre with some of K-Pop's biggest artists of today. 

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