Indie Pop Goes Mainstream: A Playlist

Artists like Chance the Rapper love waving their label independence as a banner of pride. For many, many others, living without a record label is an impossibility, and the presence of record labels - and evolution of artists under them - has historically been known to change the sound and widespread audience of popularized musicians. 

While this typically doesn't bode well for the cult-like followings artists build up in their early years, the mainstream adoption helps bridge a gap between pop and alternative music and popularizes alternative techniques. Herein lies, well, essentially, the entire history of pop evolution.

The artists on this playlist represent a deviance from the indie nature they started with, with some even ironically singing about sellouts in music in their earlier releases. While alternative and indie pop artists continue to grow in popularity, the change in sound is a hard fate to escape.

Be it Halsey or Maroon 5's gradual but obvious change from their Songs About Jane stylings, these artists have all evolved (or abandoned) the sounds and aesthetics that prompted their fame, arguably opting for a more secure route instead.

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