Happy to be Rowland with her sisters again

Happy to be Rowland with her sisters again The 32-year-old singer Kelly Rowland revealed she was delighted to reunite with Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams on stage at the NFL last weekend.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Rowland said: "Oh my gosh - it was so incredible. The most beautiful part was when I looked on stage and I saw my sisters again - my heart just dropped. I loved every moment.''

Rowland also praised Beyoncé's fourteen minute halftime show, adding: ''Let me tell you, she killed, killed Halo! I'm just so proud of her and proud of Michelle and proud of us as a whole, as individuals. I'm so excited.''

Kelly further revealed that she was completely unaware that the Super Bowl was affected by a 13-minute powercut, saying: ''We did not know [about the power loss] until we got downstairs. Everybody started saying, 'Lights out.' I'm like, 'Lights out? What's that mean?' They said, 'The lights are out. Like - the power is actually out.' We had no idea! So, that's really cool that that's a part of Super Bowl history now.''
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