Don Cheadle Interrogates Kendrick Lamar In 'DNA.' Music Video

Kendrick Lamar has released an intense music video for "DNA.," one of the several Geraldo Rivera-centric DAMN. tracks. Directed by Nail and The Little Homies, "DNA." begins with Don Cheadle interrogating Lamar while the rapper is hooked up to a lie detector. 

"Kendrick Lamar. Two first names, huh, the fuck is up with that?" he asks Lamar. "You know what DNA stands for? Dead N****r Association."

The music kicks in with Cheadle and Lamar going back and forth with the verses. Eventually, the Compton rapper breaks free from the interrogation and hits the streets to finish out the song. An outro different than the album version closes out the track as Schoolboy Q punches out the camera. 

DAMN. is out now on digital and physical platforms. Lamar also recently announced that the album will be arriving on vinyl in July. Limited edition autographed copies are now available for pre-order on his official website.

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