Passion Pit: Deep Cuts

In the past two days, Passion Pit has released two new singles. First, we were introduced to "Inner Dialogue." Wednesday, the band debuted "Somewhere Up There." Both singles have been released and uploaded via Michael Angelakos' YouTube page for the Wishart Group, a company he is launching to support artists in various ways, including with healthcare services.

Who knows if this signals a new album for the band, whose last release, Kindred, is from 2015. In the meantime, both "Somewhere Up There" and "Inner Dialogue" have those same Passion Pit idiosyncrasies that make listeners love them so much and calling for a much-needed deep cuts playlist.

Since its genesis in 2007, Passion Pit has inhabited an ethereal, dream-like space. The band's music is almost existential; pop, rock, electronica, quintessential '80s all combined for three albums and the treasure chest that is Chunk of Change.

Effortlessly unique and consistently genre-independent, tracks like "It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy," "Cuddle Fuddle," and the group's "Dreams" cover can get passed by in lieu of buoyant singles such as "Lited Up (1985)" or the catchy "Sleepyhead."

Passion Pit's sound and style is so singular and distinctive that focusing on the singles is a disservice. Every track incorporates unique elements and instrumental stylings that audiences wouldn't be able to experience just sticking to the singles, making these deep cuts a necessity for any enjoyer of the band's sound.

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