Deep Cuts: Cold War Kids

Last Friday, Cold War Kids released its latest single, “Love is Mystical.” The song was first sampled last March in a short clip the band released via Facebook, meaning fans had to wait almost a year to fully hear the new, soulful sound.


With a persistent piano and soprano “ooh-ooh-oohs” acting as punctuation, the indie rockers are practiced in their frantic cadence and excitement throughout the tune.

Put out in conjunction with the music video, the song is just a preview of the grou's first album in three years, L.A. Divine, due out April 7. In the meantime, listen to “Love is Mystical,” but kick back with some Cold War Kids deep cuts from the band's first five albums.

From “Hang Me Up To Dry” off of Robbers and Cowards to “First,” the song that set the stage for the film Aloha and thus exploded on the radio waves, Cold War Kids has racked up an impressive number of songs while remaining true to its indie rock roots.

Between that, the group has appeared in the original 30 Days, 30 Songs line-up, covered The Band and released numerous EPs. For a deeper dive into the group's career, check out this playlist and snag tickets for the upcoming tour here.


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