Bieber Banned as Bodyguards involved in Bust Up

Passage Vienna is a futuristic night club in Vienna; its patrons claim it evokes a space ship that has landed which makes it the perfect locale for this new Bieber story.

Passage Vienna's biggest nightclub has banned the troubled singer and his entourage after a violent incident at the weekend.

Club manager Joachim Bankel has told reporters that "Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here".

It has been alleged Bieber's bodyguards smashed fans camera and phones, while they were just out enjoying themselves having an innocent look at the boy-man music star.

The newly single 19 year old had been performing in the Austrian city as part of his Believe world tour. The world tour has has been courting continuous controversy since it started in London

Sounds like this tour of Justin's is cursed since the very first night when he was throwing up on the stage.
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