This Modern Love: A Romantic Indie Rock Playlist

Pop tracks are often synonymous with love songs, while alternative rock is percieved as harsh and unforgiving. Often political, punkish or challenging, some alt-rock artists reject the happy-go-lucky messages that pop perseverates. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, scrounging up a few ounces of happiness and love is required in all of us.

While you won’t find any hardcore Whitney Houston ballads here, the ilk of Wet, Two Door Cinema Club and TV on the Radio have their own spin on love songs. Cynicism and oddities definitely leak in here and there (cue Frightened Rabbit's “Nothing Like You” that reads like a love song both to an ex and a current lover), but the romance is still there.

If you’re a little genre-stubborn and standard-issue, cliché ballads bore you, these unique takes on romance may square perfectly with your mood leading up to February 14.

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